25 + facts will make change your mind about fighting dog breeds

So, someone once came up with a special category of dogs and called them “fighting dogs”, implying that all breeds that are on this list are born killers, which by definition cannot be affectionate pets. But are pit bulls, rottweilers, Dobermans, and other dogs that are quite formidable so dangerous? You will find the answers in the article.

1. Pit bulls – dogs that feel pain

Pit bulls
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  • There is a common misconception that pit bulls do not feel pain. In fact, the pain of pit bulls is similar to human ones, just for these dogs the task is in the first place. As an athlete who tries not to notice even the most severe discomfort and reaches the finish line, the pit bull is trying with all his might to fulfill the owner’s team. Because of this myth, parents allow children to sloppily treat a pet or use harsh training methods themselves, which can cause dog aggression.
  • Also, many people believe that the jaws of the pit bull have a special “locking mechanism” that does not give prey a chance to break out. However, this is not so, the structure of the teeth of the pit bull is the same as that of other dogs. Perhaps this myth appeared due to the peculiarity of the bite that the pit bulls got from their ancestors – terriers: when capturing an object, the dog begins to shake its head in different directions and does not release its prey.
  • Pit bulls do not attack without warning, and if the owner raised his pet correctly – did not offend or poison other animals – the dog will not cause harm. Pit bulls are not aggressive towards humans and are known for their love of children.
Pit bulls
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  • Most of the history of pit bulls was considered non-aggressive and even in the early 1900s were the most popular pets, because they were famous for their friendliness. And for this reason, pit bulls are bad guards. They tend to see the thief as a new friend, not as a danger.
  • Pit bulls do a great job with the role of dog therapists. And this breed is also able to quickly respond to various problems with human health, such as lowering blood sugar or oxygen levels, impending cramps. They may even remind you of taking medication.

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Pit bulls
  • Most of the history of pit bulls was considered non-aggressive and even in the early 1900s were the most popular pets, because they were famous for their friendliness. And for this reason, pit bulls are bad guards. They tend to see the thief as a new friend, not as a danger.
  • Pit bulls were raised to attack animals, but, despite this, they can share the territory with others subject to socialization from an early age. All dogs of working breeds have this peculiarity – there is no escape from instincts. For example, the hounds will certainly chase the hare, the fox terriers will not be able to pass by the holes, and the beagle will not be stopped at the sight of prey. But no one says that these dogs are dangerous to humans, so why do they think differently about pit bulls?
  • Pit bulls do not attack more often than other dogs. Moreover, pit bulls successfully pass the American temperament test, which assesses friendliness. 87.4% – this result is better than that of the popular Australian Shepherd, Golden Retriever and Spaniel. And for bull terriers, this figure is even higher – 91.6%.
  • If we talk about the bull terrier, then experts characterize this breed as “a three-year-old child in a dog costume.” Bull terriers are extremely friendly, but they need daily activity to prevent behavior problems caused by boredom.
Pit bulls
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  • If the dog has previously participated in battles, this does not mean that the animal should not be given a second chance for a happy life. Dogs that have been abused, with proper rehabilitation, can become loyal friends. Of course, it is important to know the dog’s past and assess the state of the animal’s psyche (the assessment of the psyche can only be carried out by a competent specialist) if you decide to take it from the shelter and ensure proper rehabilitation in the same way under the supervision of specialists.
  • Pit bull is not a breed of dog, this category includes American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, American bulldogs, as well as various mixtures of these breeds. But usually with the word “pit bull” people represent the American pit bull terrier.

Rottweilers – the most patient four-legged friends

Rottweilers - the most patient four-legged friends
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  • Rottweilers are extremely sociable, and they should not be kept in the courtyard, because they like to watch loved ones, follow the owner and be near the family. Once at a distance, the pet becomes depressed or feels anxious, which can lead to destructive behavior.
  • Rottweiler is an ideal shepherd who is distinguished by courage. When working with cattle, the Rottweiler seeks out the dominant animal and challenges it. Having proved his superiority, the dog calms down and returns to normal work. Other herding breeds ignore stubborn animals, and the Rottweiler is able to force anyone to follow his orders.
Rottweilers - the most patient four-legged friends
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  • The Rottweiler shows incredible devotion and love for the family, has enviable patience and knows how to be unobtrusive. It gets along well with other animals, but, like pit bulls, socialization is required from an early age.
  • Rottweiler barks only when necessary. This breed of dog can make interesting sounds, such as a growl that resembles a purr.

3. Doberman – an obedient pet

Rottweilers - the most patient four-legged friends
  • Dobermans were bred for protection and protection, so the dog had to be big, bold and inspire fear in the enemy with one look. However, Doberman’s aggression was mitigated by modern breeders, and today these dogs have a good-natured character, as well as high intelligence and excellent learning.
  • According to experts, Dobermans are much less aggressive towards people than many other breeds that do not have a bad reputation (cocker spaniel, Dalmatian, Great Dane).
Rottweilers - the most patient four-legged friends
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  • Some people believe that the Doberman needs to be angry, and only then will he begin to protect the family. This is not true. The dog “by default” will protect those who are dear to her, and it is impossible to strengthen this quality. And if the dog is intentionally angry, then the careless trainer will need protection. Dogs of this breed can endure physical punishment to a certain extent and will defend themselves when patience is over.
  • Another myth sounds like this: the dog needs to be isolated from strangers so that it can protect the family. If the Doberman is not socialized, then he will not be able to become a defender, but only frightened in case of danger. The pet should see and communicate with other people, and it is better to let him accompany you wherever there is the opportunity to be with dogs.

4. Boxers – great babysitting

4. Boxers - great babysitting
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  • The description of the breed from 1938 reads as follows: “The character of the boxer is of great importance and requires the closest attention. Since ancient times, it has been known for its immense love and loyalty to both its master and the whole family. He will not cause harm to his own, but he may be distrustful of strangers, active and friendly in the game, but bold and decisive when the situation requires it. His mind, kindness and modesty make him an ideal family dog ​​and a fun companion. You should not expect a trick from a boxer, even when he becomes old. ” There’s no better description.
  • Boxers need three years to grow up psychologically, so many people say that these dogs are eternal puppies. But, despite the fact that these large dogs remain puppies in the shower for a long time, this does not affect their excellent learning ability.
4. Boxers - great babysitting
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  • Boxers are a popular breed of dog for families with children, because they are energetic, patient with children and are always ready to defend them. This dog is one big heart in love with its owners. The only feature that you always need to remember: boxers have the habit of jumping on people with joy and they can easily knock down.
  • The boxer is noisy and will bark every time he feels a stranger, or from boredom. Every day, this dog needs from one to two hours of intense activity: walking in the park, running, jumping, following commands. Also, do not leave the dog alone for too long, otherwise it will begin to entertain itself with barking, and your neighbors will definitely not like it.
  • Many of these dogs snore loudly and make funny sounds when they want to ask the owner for something.

5. Mastiff – huge and kind

Mastiff - huge and kind
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  • Mastiffs, despite their impressive size, are known as loving and gentle dogs. But we must not forget that this is a working breed, and if you do not have time to walk this huge animal several times a day, then it will soon destroy your home. Boredom is unbearable for these dogs, so every day they need exercise, socialization, training and the ability to run.
Mastiff - huge and kind
  • Tibetan mastiffs have a peculiarity: for hundreds of years of selection, these dogs were valued as night guards, holding back potential predators and intruders with their barking throughout the night. Therefore, leaving the Tibetan mastiff on the street all night with neighbors nearby is not recommended.
  • English mastiffs require care and attention from the owners. These dogs are extremely emotional, and their feelings are easy to hurt. For example, if you yell at a mastiff, he will be very upset. And certainly you should not use brute force during training.

Conclusion: making a dog a soft pet or “fighting” is a person’s decision

  • Any dog ​​participating in battles can be called a “fighting dog,” but a separate category of such breeds does not exist. Cruelty can make any living creature evil, only a bad reputation and a negative characteristic are stereotypes that firmly settle in people’s minds. But the return trip is much more difficult, and it will take a lot of time to look with different eyes at those who are used to consider dangerous.
  • Any beast cornered will show aggression, including dogs. The pet will not do anything just like that, its actions are always preceded by reasons: lack of education, training or rough treatment. The responsibility for the pet lies with the owner, who must take care not only of the leash and muzzle, but also of the emotional state of the animal.

And what kind of pet lives with you and what stereotypes about him have you encountered?