10 things that will always look cheap no matter how much you pay for them

The image can be anything: bold, bold, restrained, classic or romantic. But it is unlikely that anyone would want things to look frankly cheap. And this does not concern the cost of new things, but what impression they create.

We at  Moodforyou.com studied the blogs of reputable stylists and realized what mistakes should be avoided so as not to spend money on dresses that make it difficult to look expensive and presentable. In our selection today, there are clothes and accessories that are best avoided so that the wardrobe looks effective for any budget.

1. Things with rhinestones or sequins

1. Things with rhinestones or sequins
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The clothes, generously decorated with pebbles, beads and sparkles, look very deliberate and can turn any woman into a living disco ball in an instant. It is better to choose a thing with iridescent metallized threads: such a delicate shine will give the image a gloss.

2. Short jackets and jackets

2. Short jackets and jackets
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Even if the jacket or jacket is made in the trendy style, but does not cover the hips, such a wardrobe item can greatly reduce the cost of the image and make it unnecessarily infantile . It is better to opt for elongated models that will not treacherously “cut” the figure.ADVERTISING

3. Shoes with bows

3. Shoes with bows
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Even if the shoes are like an airplane wing, they can be completely ruined by such lurid details as, for example, decorative bows. It is better to prefer the option with a restrained strap and  buckle .

4. Things made of colored lace

Things made of colored lace
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Lace itself is a very insidious material: it is extremely difficult to model. And in the case of color options, all cut errors, if any, immediately become noticeable. In order not to take risks, it is better to limit yourself to a thing of calm color with a laconic lace insert .

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5. Things with shiny buttons

Things with shiny buttons
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Brilliant buttons can change for the worse even the most stylish thing. It is better to choose wooden elongated buttons, products with which fashion podiums have not left for several seasons in a row.

6. Bags with fittings

Bags with fittings
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A rich finish with chains, rivets and other decorative elements will reduce the cost of even a very expensive and high-quality bag. To stay on the wave of trends, choose a “reptile” bag with a minimum of detail.

7. Atypical prints

Atypical prints
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If a green “leopard” or pink “zebra” is in your wardrobe, it’s better to get rid of such things. The “animal” print of natural colors looks much more presentable .

8. Bandage dresses

Bandage dresses
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Such things were wildly popular in the glamorous zeros. But those days are gone, and fans of such styles are not diminished. Nevertheless, an easy way to reduce the cost of the image is to wear a bandage dress. Today, designers offer many boring oversized models for every taste.

9. Denim shorts

Denim shorts
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Another piece of news from the 2000s is denim shorts. Any kit in which they are used is doomed to failure in advance – it will not look expensive and stylish. Unlike  bikes , which will not go out of fashion for a long time.

10. Things with ruffles

Things with ruffles
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Abundantly decorated with frills, dresses, skirts and sweaters look good on the “little princesses” of the appropriate age. But they do not decorate an adult lady at all and make the image primitive and  cheap . If you want a thing with decoration, it is better to prefer restrained options with  embroidery .

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