9 Things Waiters Pay Attention to When They Serve the Customers

A person demonstrates their good manners, or lack thereof, with their attitude toward their waiter. And you can expect anything from people who go into a restaurant and already think that they’re the most important one there. Waiters have learned to spot customers who may cause problems and serve their tables without much personal involvement.

We at decided to ask waiters about which details they pay attention to when they serve their customers and we want to share these curious observations with you. As a bonus, we’d like to reveal how you can become a loved and always-welcomed guest.

1. Whether the customer greets the staff

Whether the customer greets the staff

All people who have ever worked as waiters are sure about one thing: if a person enters a restaurant with a poker face and doesn’t bother to say hello, they won’t have a good attitude, let alone leave a good tip.

  • We noticed a certain pattern: if a guest comes in and you greet them, but they don’t reply to you, then they’ll probably leave no tip. They usually just sit down at a table, order food, and sometimes they don’t even say, “thank you.” Then there are people who are too polite, who just shower you with compliments for everything you do. You come to their table, they greet you. You bring them their dish, change an ashtray, or say goodbye when they’re leaving, they say, “thank you.” But then you check the folder with the bill and see only coins. It looks like these customers are trying to pay you with their compliments. © shmealeks / Pikabu
  • I don’t like guests who don’t want to communicate. When they’re placing their order, it sounds like: “Just bring me some food.” And when you ask them for more detail, they won’t answer and just insist on you bringing them something. So I bring them the dishes I’d order myself and the conversation goes like: “But I wanted a different kind of drink” or “But I wanted a salad with seafood” or “But I like mutton more”… © Kiwi / Pikabu

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