5 + celebrity siblings we didn’t even know about

Many famous people prefer not to tell the details of their family life, and their relatives try not to appear in public once more and sometimes even change their big name and lead a hermit lifestyle in order to avoid the annoying attention of the paparazzi. And some star relatives, on the contrary, actively use the support of eminent brothers and sisters to also take their place in the film industry.

Alex Aniston and John Melik – Jennifer Aniston Brothers

Alex Aniston and John Melik - Jennifer Aniston Brothers
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The younger half-brother of actress Alex is 31 years old, he is far from a luxurious Hollywood life and has not been communicating with his famous relatives for several years. Today he lives in California and makes a living selling stuffed animals.

John’s older half-brother is 60 years old, and he is also involved in the film industry, like his famous sister, but leads a non-public lifestyle. It is known that John worked as an assistant director in several Hollywood films.

Lisa and Eric – Julia Roberts sister and brother

Lisa and Eric - Julia Roberts sister and brother
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The famous actress Julia Roberts (52 years old) has no less famous in Hollywood older brother Eric (64 years old), who starred in more than 500 films and series. They also have a sister, Lisa (55 years old), who works as a producer and actress.

Sam, Tom, Harry and Patrick Holland

Sam, Tom, Harry and Patrick Holland
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The famous Spider-Man from the Avengers movies has three brothers . The twins Sam and Harry, who recently celebrated their 21st birthday, as well as their younger brother Patrick (16), or, as all Holland brothers often call him, are just Paddy.

Dylan – Zac Efron’s brother

Dylan - Zac Efron's brother
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Zac Efron (32 years old) became famous all over the world after the release of the television movie “Cool Musical”. His younger brother (28 years old) Dylan also decided to follow in the footsteps of his famous relative and become an actor, starring in a cameo role in the film “A Star Was Born” and several other films.

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Maggie – Jake Gyllenhaal’s sister

Maggie - Jake Gyllenhaal's sister
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Maggie (42 years old) is the elder sister of the world famous actor Jake Gyllenhaal (39 years old), who is also a sought-after Hollywood actress . Their acting duet can be seen in the movie “Donnie Darko”, which, by the way, brought Jake fame.

Do you have a brother or sister that you are proud of?

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