9 reasons why some women always look like teenagers and others look like their mothers

Every year, the difference between peers is becoming more noticeable. For example, one woman in her 30s looks like a student, while another may pass for her friend’s mother. And the reasons that affect the appearance can be quite unexpected. We will talk about them in the article.

We at  Moodforyou.com calculated the culprits who “steal” youth, and at the end of the article we expose the popular stereotype of heredity.

1. Fashion for expressive cheekbones

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Since the cheekbones in the style of the “top model of the 90s” returned to fashion, girls began to get rid of  Bisha’s lumps (fatty deposits in the buccal region) in droves. The operation is simple and is performed under local anesthesia: incisions are made on the inside of the cheeks and fatty lumps are removed. Such a seemingly trifling procedure has serious consequences, and plastic surgeons do not recommend it to patients with narrow faces, because a person who loses a part of the natural frame will become haggard and haggard over time .

Undoubtedly, cheekbones expressed by nature look beautiful, but only if this is a genetic gift from parents, and not a surgical change in the structure of the face. It must be remembered that the consequences of such an operation are irreversible, therefore it is easier to love your chubby cheeks than to pay tribute to fashion and regret the consequences in the future.

2. Excessive enthusiasm for salon procedures

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You may have noticed that the skin of women who are overly keen on salon treatments and peels becomes unnaturally smooth with age , like a wax doll. And this will lead to premature aging: the skin will become thin, flabby, noticeable capillaries and wrinkles will appear.

Passion for another popular procedure – Botox injections – is noticeable in the characteristic shine of the skin and flat forehead, which is a result of muscle atrophy and  leads to a loss of natural volumes, as a result of which the face looks older. And  regular facial modeling with fillers distorts the natural anatomy, which visually adds extra years. Especially side effects from such procedures are noticeable in people under 35 years old.

Conclusion: it is difficult for cosmetologists and plastic surgeons to work with a patient whose face has undergone surgery and injection interventions many times, so the later the girl begins to do “adult” procedures, the longer she will be able to maintain a natural and young look.

3. Hard diets

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The more actively a person loses weight, the greater the likelihood of a “dietary face” appearing : due to a lack of adipose tissue, nasolabial folds become noticeable, wrinkles become deeper, and loss of volume around the eyes makes the face look tired and older.

After 40 years, it is better to completely get rid of the desire to lose weight to a youthful size. According to a study conducted on the twins, if the body mass index increased by 4 points, then up to 40 years, a person visually looks older, but after 40 – younger. But after 55 years, the body mass index can safely be increased by 8 points and look younger than peers who are on a diet.

4. Lack or excess of physical activity

An active lifestyle not only enhances health, but also prolongs youth. And this fact is confirmed by the study , during which it was found out that older people who regularly engage in physical exercises not only slow down the aging process , but immunity and cholesterol levels are comparable to those of young people.

But in everything you need to know the measure, since the other extreme of a sedentary lifestyle – excessive physical exertion – can do more harm than good. Tracy Mountford, director of a cosmetic clinic in London, noted that people over 40 years of age as a result of excessive training accelerate the natural loss of facial volume, which makes people look much older than their years.

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5. Sugar face

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A dull complexion, inflammation, sagging skin, bags under the eyes and wrinkles on the forehead are a retribution for the love of sweets. Sugar enhances glycation – a process in which excess glucose damages collagen and makes it inelastic, which speeds up the aging process of the skin .

6. Sleep on your side or stomach

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Scientists have found that people who sleep poorly get older faster . The study was carried out with the participation of 60 women from 30 to 49 years old, and those who did not sleep well had signs of skin aging: wrinkles, pigmentation, loss of skin elasticity. In addition, their skin became more sensitive to the environment and reduced the ability to self-repair after exposure to the sun.

According to another study , it’s important not only how much we sleep, but how. During the night, a person changes his position about 20 times, and in 65% of cases, people sleep on their sides, which contributes to the formation of creases on the face and neck. Also, with age, a person less often changes his posture during sleep – the number of times decreases from 27 to 16 per night. And the longer a person does not change position, the longer is the adverse effect on the skin.

7. Divorce

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According to a study conducted by plastic surgeons, a broken marriage leaves a mark on the face. Observations were made on the twins, and it turned out that people who survived the divorce looked almost 2 years older than their brothers and sisters, who were married, single or even widowed.

8. Taking antidepressants

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Stress also influenced the visual perception of the age of the twins from a previous experiment. Researchers believe that relaxing the muscles of the face while taking antidepressants causes sagging skin.

9. Fuzzy lip filtering

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Filtrum of lips is a small area between the base of the nose and the “Cupid’s bow”, as well as an important area in the architecture of the face. In youth, it is well expressed and embossed, and over the years, most people completely smooth out. But you  can make your face visually younger with cosmetics : darken the filter with a contouring agent to create a shadow effect, and add a little highlighter over the upper lip.

Bonus: don’t rely on genetics alone

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It is generally accepted that genetics plays a major role in aging, and if your mother at 50 looks 30, then you have nothing to worry about. But scientists conducted a study in which for 12 years they closely watched a large group of people consisting of almost 1,000 people. And it turned out that some people were aging 3 times faster than others. So, for one calendar year, some might not have had any physiological changes at all, while others would have become older by 3 years in the same 12 months. When the participants of the study were 38 years old, their biological age did not correspond to the passport and ranged from 28 years to 61 years.

According to the authors, aging is only  20% dependent on genetics . Of greater importance are factors such as sports, proper nutrition, regular medical examinations and smoking cessation. In addition, those whose psychological age overtook the actual one were aging faster.

Do you look younger or older than your peers? And if you are one of those lucky ones who managed to cheat time, share your secrets with us.

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