13 celebrities who are doing a great job raising twins

Being a parent of twins is fun and challenging at the same time. A  study published in the journal Pediatrics says mothers who resolve with twins are 43% more likely to experience depression. Many stars also know firsthand what it is like to entertain several children at once. But almost every one of them will surely say that the love that surrounds them every day is worth all the effort.

1. Mariah Carey and her twins Morrocan and Monroe

Mariah has big plans for the future of her twins. She prepares them for a pop career – they can often be seen singing with her mother on her instagram. Mariah Carey’s son and daughter also starred in the  remake of the video All I Want For Christmas Is You.

2. Jennifer Lopez and her twins Max and Emmy

The children of Jennifer Lopez also inherited her talent. They both sing beautifully. Emmy seems to be particularly interested in her vocal career, she even joined her famous mom during an exciting performance at the Super Bowl in 2020.

3. Beyoncé and her twins Sire and Rumi

Beyoncé and Jay-Z expect a great future for their children. Sir Carter and Rumi Carter are registered trademarks in the United States (as is the name of their older sister Blue Ivy Carter).

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4. Zoe Saldana and her twin sons Sai Aridio and Bowie Ezio

Zoe thanks her lucky star for becoming a twin mom. The boys appeared prematurely – at the 32nd week, and the birth was very difficult. Zoe Saldana and her husband Marco Perego say that it was a difficult experience, but they are happy that everything ended well. Sai and Bowie still have a younger brother named Zen.

5. Celine Dion and her sons Eddie and Nelson

Despite the twin father Celine Dion, a famous singer, her husband and manager Rene Angelil, died in 2016, his memory is preserved to this day thanks to a special ritual : every night Eddie and Nelson talk to Renee and wish him good night .

6. Julie Bowen and her twins John and Gus

Interesting fact: Julie Bowen was pregnant with her twins when she started acting in The American Family. Observing viewers could notice that she was in a position in the very first episode of the series.

7. Madonna and her twins Stella and Esther

Madonna adopted 4 children from the African country of Malawi, and among them there are twins. She also helped build a pediatric hospital in the country as a thank you for the children.

8. Rebecca Romaine and her twins Dolly and Charlie

Rebecca admitted that raising twins was difficult at first, but now that they are older, she likes to watch them grow up. Girls are seriously passionate about choreography and love to turn their daily activities into musicals. Their favorite is The Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman.

9. Chris Hemsworth and his sons Tristan and Sasha

Chris Hemsworth loves his twins. The actor says that he raised them the same way, but the characters of the guys are completely different. Tristan is very calm, and Sasha is a little prankster who likes to play a trick on his brother and sister. The twins have an older sister, whose name is India.

10. Jensen Ackles and his twins Zeppelin and Arrow

You might think that Jensen Ackles named his son after the popular rock band Led Zeppelin, but the true reason is much more serious. When the boy was born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around him, in English it is called zeppelin knot. Jensen and his wife Dannyil decided that it was a real miracle that their child survived and decided to give him a symbolic name. As for their daughter, Arrow, Jensen wanted her to have the initials A. A. (in English), and the couple liked Arrow’s name for their girl.

11. Gordon Ramsay and his twins Jack and Holly

The Ramsay twins are very close to each other. Every year they celebrate their birthday together, gathering a big party. And on their 18th birthday, they planned something special. They trained together and, to support their mother, who at that time had just suffered a miscarriage, they ran the London marathon.

12. Patrick Dempsey with his sons Sullivan and Darby

Like the twins of Chris Hemsworth, the sons of Patrick are absolute opposites . Sullivan is a small rebel, and Darby is very calm and collected. Both boys, however, often join their father when he is busy with his hobby – racing. They also have an older sister named Talula.

13. Michael Strahan and his twin daughters Sophia and Isabella

Michael Strachan is proud of all his children (and he has 4 of them), but it was twin daughters who inherited dad’s talents. Both Sophia and Isabella sing like angels, and also professionally engage in horse riding .

Maybe you are a happy twin parent? If so, we will be waiting for your family stories.

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