8 things where it is better not to save money when repairing your home

Popular wisdom says that only fire is worse than repair. It is not surprising that we are trying to approach him thoroughly, so that the next one will not be soon. In addition, repair is an expensive undertaking. If mistakes are made in the process, this will place a heavy burden on the family budget.

We at moodforyou.com have often made a mistake during the repair process . The editors studied the most common mistakes that make you spend money again, and, in anticipation of the alteration, spoil the situation with a cheap appearance.

1. Savings on ceramic tiles

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Laying tiles – continuous hassle. It is necessary to carefully prepare the surface, securely fasten the elements and wipe the seams. Yes, and it is very expensive. Therefore, preference is often given to plastic panels . And in vain, they have a lot of minuses.

Water flowing from the mixer gradually “dissolves” the coating, and the very first attempt to wipe the stains from the panels ends with white “bald spots” on them. In addition, there is always a small gap between the panels and the wall where moisture accumulates. Over time, this leads to the formation of mold and fungus.

2. Ceiling lining with plastic panels

3. Installing PVC windows instead of wooden

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Under certain conditions , the service life of wooden windows can be twice as long as that of plastic. In addition, they are environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, have low thermal conductivity and good insulating properties.

At the same time, PVC windows may become discolored or yellow due to exposure to the sun, and repairs are expensive . In addition, polyvinyl chloride is a very harmful material. The production of plastic windows consumes 9 times more energy than wooden windows . And the material itself is considered potentially toxic to humans and the ecosystem.

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4. Installation of sockets first, and then furniture

Future repairs should take into account furniture and its location. The interior plan will save you from an annoying mistake – improper installation of outlets .

Before starting work, you should think about where you will charge the device, where you plug the plug from the TV and other devices . It does not hurt to make several spare outlets in the apartment – in case of rearrangement and the appearance of new devices. Otherwise, you will have to put a couple of surge protectors and make a “wired” mess in the apartment.

5. Lack of space for an Internet router

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Before the repair, you need to consider where the router will be for the “distribution” of the Internet. Then run the cable into the apartment and hide the wire in the skirting board during installation. If you leave this item for later, half the cable will be stretched along the wall and get in the way underfoot.

In addition, when installing the cable, ask the workers to leave more wires without a connector at the end. This will help to avoid a situation when there is simply not enough cable to the installation site. Let the connector itself be left separately. When laying the wire, attach it yourself.

6. Glass interior doors

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Glass doors look stylish. But over time, tenants appreciate their  shortcomings  – from constant stains and handprints on glass to low heat and sound insulation.

Glass doors can also cause psychological discomfort . Even if the glass is matte or painted, there is a lack of privacy, especially if such a door is in the bathroom . And the light passing through it can disturb people in the next room. For example, if one person is sleeping and the other has gone to read in the kitchen, so as not to disturb him. The usual “blank” door in this situation seems to be a better option.

7. The lack of additional outlets in the bathroom

Most often, one outlet  is installed in the bathroom – for a washing machine. However, household appliances are increasingly penetrating our lives, and now an electric razor, brush, hair dryer, hair curler, trimmer and other devices appear on the shelf. Most are powered by the network, while the rest need battery charging. Therefore, the bathroom should be equipped with at least one more waterproof outlet .

8. Coated door handles

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The color of metal pens is determined by their spraying – silver, gold or bronze shades. Inexpensive accessories quickly begin to peel off. This is due to the fact that the spraying is applied in one or two layers, and not in several, as in high-quality samples.

You can play it safe if you change the material. For example, on wood or glass. But if you want to see exactly metal fittings, take a closer look at brass. Such pens are more expensive, but do not lose a presentable look over time.

What errors in the repair, in your opinion, lead to the fact that soon everything has to be redone?

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